Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Timber Flooring Repairs Perth

Though you can find several flooring options available in the market like tile, stone, and laminate, wooden flooring is still in demand. Why? It is because timber flooring can elevate the elegance and charm of your space to its highest. But unfortunately, even the best timber floor is prone to accidental scratches, gouges, and discoloration caused by the regular wear and tear.

So, if you feel like your floor has lost the realness of nature, it is time for you to fix these blemishes quickly by yourself before your hire professional Timber Flooring Western Australia for replacing boards.

Regain the Charm of Your Timber Flooring with 7 Effective Tips:

If you are worried about the ugly scratches on your timber floor, don’t waste your time, you can make those common imperfections go away or less visible with some effective tips. Let’s find out below:

1. Proper Understanding of the Type of Finishing on Your Floor:

Before you start working on your floor, you need to know about the kind of finish that your floor has. It simply means that you have to find out whether your floor has a wax coating, wood varnished, aluminum oxide coating, or something else. It will help you to apply the right method to fix the problems.

2. Thorough Cleaning of the Trouble Spot:

This is considered the first practical step of working with your timber floor. You need to remove all traces of dust and grime on the floor before jumping into the next step. Make sure you clean the dirt inside the cracks of your floor if any. But note that the clearing solution you choose should match your floor type. For instance, if you have a wax layer, you need to use a wax remover solution.

3. Try DIY Solution for Scratch Repair:

You can try a DIY solution by mixing apple cider vinegar and olive oil and then dab the mixture into the scratch. After leaving it to dry for the whole day, rub it out. It will work on the minor scratches on your floor. But for the major scratches hiring professional Timber Floor Installers Perth is the best idea.

4. Use a Finish Restorer:

You can use finish restorers to treat faded finishes or especially light scratches on your floor. It works effectively on the natural damage to your floor.

5. Apply New Coat of Finish:

You can apply a new coat of finish to the specific scratched area of your floor. For major damage, it is better to take help from professional Timber Flooring Repairs Perth.

6. Sand & Refinish for Lots of Scratches:

If your floor has noticeable scratches throughout, it will be better for you to sand down the floor and refinish it. But make sure you have a real wooden surface that is more than 1mm thick, which is required for a complete sanding.

7. Use Wood Filler in Scratches:

If you have gouges, you can apply wood filler to fill the gaps before applying stain and finish. Make sure you know how to use wood filler properly.

So, if you are based in Western Australia, you can find experts in your area to meet your need for Timber Flooring Western Australia and get estimates for your project.