Which are the Best SIP Providers in the Country?

SIP service provider” takes up its sources in “Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking”, which means a provider that allows the bulk of users to connect their in-residence IP systems to the PSTN. Session Initiation Protocol is the de-facto chosen protocol for designating, instructing, and completing a VoIP call. SIP is to VoIP as SMTP is to e-mail. Just like the identical old protocol, SMTP, which enables e-mail servers to alternate e-mail data, SIP permits endpoints (IP telephones) to link with each other the usage of a favoured protocol. Without this sort of standard, two telephones could no longer transmit a familiar set of commands and recommendations which will not well alternate packetized voice.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking signifies diverse things relying on who’s the user of it. It is the basis of this, that’s a provider that is supplied to groups that permits them to affix their in-residence IP PBX networks to the outdoor world. There are abundances of recent entrants to the sphere supplying innovative services utilising the SIP protocol as a backbone. Those who are new SIP carriers are converting the face of the VoIP industry.

The best SIP service providers in the country are –

  • UniTel Voice SIP: With this, you can do the cost-cutting, grow your business and increase reliability. 
  • MegaPath: MegaPath allows you cost-cutting and simplifies the work of the management of your IT systems by combining voice and Internet access on a single connection 
  • Vonage: Vonage’s features include a customer-friendly mobile & desktop application, conference calls and online video meetings, file sharing, multi-level auto attendant, CRM database, call recording, group calls and visual voicemail.
  • Chilli Comms:  Chilli Comms is the international SIP provider and is here to work with you and your business, delivering flexible and adaptive telecommunications, and network services, and products that evolve with your business, to ensure that you are always ready to take advantage of the changing telecommunications landscape. They offer services that include different contract terms, with a range of benefits, such as reduced rental or free local, national and mobile calls within the UK, and as your business and needs grow, they offer tiered pricing on their SIP Trunk services, which means that with a little planning ahead for your future needs, your finances could benefit from lower unit costs.

SIP Trunking offers you a kind of universal phone line. It allows you to communicate with all the comforts of modern VoIP technology. But at the same time, SIP Trunking also allows you to stay in touch with anyone else who would still prefer to communicate over traditional phone networks. 


Faced with strong demand from companies who need their telecommunications infrastructure to offer the flexibility that allows them to be able to temporarily transfer offices and staff, as quickly as possible, without any interruption of their activities, we have concluded that only a hosted solution can meet these challenges. 

We as the international SIP provider offer a full range of network services, including SIP links, fibre broadband, leased lines and mobile SIM cards. Through a strategic alliance with one of the UK’s leading network service providers, all of our services are delivered under the Chilli Comms brand, ensuring our customers the benefits of one invoice, one point of contact and cost savings offered by the effectiveness of such a lean-approach.

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