Best Dementia Care Nursing Home

How To Choose The Best Dementia Care Nursing Home In Weston-Super-Mare

Dementia is a term related to the misfunctioning cognitive ability which may further direct to a symptom such as loss of memory, impairment in thinking, and problem-solving. The patients suffering from dementia face difficulty in their everyday life owing to this cognitive disorder. According to sources, Alzheimer’s is said to be the most common factor leading to Dementia. There are different stages of this syndrome varying from modest to extreme. This disease is typically found in elderly people. For instance, the count of new dementia patients reaches over 8 million every year. We are going to discuss the best dementia care nursing home in western-super-mare. In addition to that, if you are looking for nursing care in Ambleside, North Somerset this is the right place for you.

1. Annabel House Care Centre

Annabel House Care Centre is a quality nursing home with a capacity of 25+ beds. This care centre provides accommodation to patients along with meals and any personal assistance. A personal nurse is allotted for special care and people with dementia. This centre is for adults and people over 60 years of age.

2. Parklands Care Home

Parklands Care Centre is located at 13 Clarence Road. It has an occupancy of 10 beds, offering personal care, accommodation, and meals to the residents. They have a qualified staff of medical professionals to take care of people’s health and wellness. This centre is open to accommodate adults as well as old people. Parklands care home is one among a few recommended dementia nursing homes in Weston-super-Mare.

3. Quantock House

This care centre is based out of Quantock Road where public transport is easily accessible. This centre has separate rooms with a TV for each resident. A person staying here is also allowed to keep a pet for a better experience. They have 6 single rooms along with sufficient garden space. Further, they are renowned clinical specialists in nursing care in Weston-super-Mare.

4. Butterfly House

The butterfly house is located at 47 Bristol Road and has a maximum capacity of over 35 en-suite rooms. This care centre has a bar and a café for recreation. For the physically disabled, the centre offers access to wheelchairs. The staff is medically qualified and professional.

5. Earlsfield Lodge

This care centre is specifically designed for adults over 65 years of age and is located in the Trewartha Park area. The caring facilities here are exceptionally good as the staff is adequately experienced. They offer a capacity of around 50 beds.

To sum up, people with dementia could be hard to cope with. Such cognitive disorders are not only difficult for the patient to handle but also come with many challenges for the family. In such conditions, getting in touch with a clinical specialist is important. Apart from that, a person suffering from dementia when brought in touch with other people with the similar condition, could show a visible improvement. For the same, we have mentioned 5 of the best nursing homes in Weston-super-Mare.

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