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Saffron-the Elegant Spice You Must have in Your Stock

India Kashmir Saffron is the globally known wholesale and retail arm of our business for wholesale & retail Kashmiri Saffron. Kashmiri Kesar is purchased directly from Cashmers and sold in the Beautiful, Elegant Paper Packaging for very long periods. These well-known consistency specifications are complied with in both packaging and delivery. Each kit is hand-checked by our experts to ensure full quality. This is the cornerstone of our work process, and we aspire to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction and can be purchased premium saffron online.

In Germany-India Kashmir saffron premium quality is the respected foreign business branch of our company for wholesale and retail Kashmir wholesale and saffron in Germany. We get Kashmiri Kesar directly from Kashmir Farmers and sell them in perfect, elegant packaging to keep saffron fresh for long. One of the main reasons for our success is that we respect stringent quality requirements to ensure that our customers get the value they are paying for. These established quality standards are valued in both packaging and delivery. Each package is inspected manually by our experts to ensure optimum quality. These customer-centric guidelines have been the cornerstone of our work process, and we work for 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Safran buying from us

Saffron is an ongoing plant mainly originating in South-West Asia and is cultivated therein. It blooms from October to December, where the top 3 cm of the stem is the most exciting part of the plant for us, which we know as saffron. The only thing that made saffron what these top three centimetres had was the strength of the red dye, seductive scent, amazing strength of colour. We only sell high quality, premium negin saffron and full saffron threads.

Cashmere and Germany direct imports

We obtain our saffron, maintain perfect relations with the farmers, and monitor cultivation technology and quality directly from Iran, Persia and Cashmir. We pay the growers a premium saffron price without moving through the middle man, so that our Germany customers enjoy fair saffron prices.

100% safron from the new harvest freshness and performance

It doesn’t matter if the person prefers Persian saffron with his weet, his smoke or Cashmere Saffron, with a mild earthy flavour. Near the next harvest in October we will experience supply shortages, because the land in the crop areas is limited. We will of course alert you in our shop if that happens.